Monday, May 5, 2008

No Pooping For You

I went down to St. Louis last Friday to get a bike from someone down there. It was nice being back down there; it always makes me reminisce about the old times. I ended up coming back with two bikes, instead of just one. I picked up a bike for free from Meredith's cousin. That bike actually fits me perfectly, so I'm gonna sell the other bike.

It's finals week now. I had Cyber Ethics this morning, and I rocked it like none other. I needed a 60% to keep an A, and I think I got about 98% on the test. Tomorrow, I've got Architecture & Organization (I'm gonna study a little bit, since I only need a 30%), Matrix Algebra (I'll study well for that one), and Military Science (not gonna study that one). Wednesday is recording for Sweet Nothings. Hopefully that'll go well. Recording has been the source of quite a bit of stress this semester. Thursday is my final for Object Oriented Programming (open book, so zero studying). Friday is Chinese (a WHOLE LOT of studying for that one). Right now, though, I'm going to go put some stuff in my storage unit for the summer.

a sign I saw in St. Louis

a picture of my old house

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